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Tanzanian Famous Artists you should absolutely know

Tanzanian Famous Artists you should absolutely know
Tanzanian Famous Artists you should absolutely know

Tanzanian Famous Artists you should absolutely know

The appreciation for Tanzanian art and artists is increasing day after day since the early 20’s due to the efforts made by them and the country in general, for promoting music industry.

Since the early 1990s, Tanzania has witnessed a period of creative flourishing, as more and more artists release many hit song with a great message to the society.

Lets take you on a virtual journey through this magical Tanzania to discover best artists, both famous and emerging, who have taken the Bongo fleva music worldwide.

1. A.Y


AY, is a Tanzanian bongo Flava singer. He was born and raised in Mtwara, Southern Tanzania. He started singing with the group SOG in 1996. He chose to go solo in 2002. AY is among the leading bongo Flava musicians to bring out hip hop in Bongo and take it internationally.

He has some hit song like;

  • Raha Kamili 2003
  • Hisia Zangu2005
  • Habari Ndio Hiyo 2008
  • “Zigo
  • Habari Ndiyo Hiyo
  • Kings & Queens Ft. Amani & Jokate
  • Touch Me Touch Me Ft. Sean Kingstone & Mis Trinity
  • Yule
  • Zigo Remix Ft. Diamond Platnumz

2. Juma Nature

Juma Nature

He is a Tanzanian hip hop recording artist and record-maker. He is the main organizer and member of the Temeke music group called Wanaume TMK. One of his well known song is “Hakuna Kulala”.

Juma Nature is one among Tanzanian artists who represent well the country starting from East African level to globe. In 2005 he was nominated in Tanzania Music Awards – Best Hip Hop Album (Ubinadamu kazi), he has many hits including;

  • Nini Chanzo (2001)
  • Ugali (2003)
  • Ubinadamu-Kazi (2005)
  • Zote History (2006)
  • Tugawane Umaskini (2009)

3. Lady Jaydee

Lady Jaydee

Lady Jaydee is a popular Tanzanian female artist. She was voted Best Tanzanian Female R&B Artist in 2002. In July 2005, she won an honor for the Best Female Video for South Africa. She was among the principal females to sing R&B in Swahili.

Jidee performed at the Kora All Africa Designers Competition, and she was awarded “Best R&B Album” at the Tanzanian music awards on August 6, 2004.

Lady Jaydee is signed to one of Africa’s most successful music labels, Taurus Musik. She is also known as the Queen of Bongo flava (Tanzanian Music). Some of her songs;

She has released seven studio albums:

  • Machozi (2000)
  • Yahaya
  • Ndi Ndi Ndi
  • Joto Hasira
  • Understanding
  • Wanaume Kama Mabinti

4. Ray C

Ray C

Ray C, is a musician from Tanzania. Her genre of music is afro pop specifically bongo flava. She worked as a presenter for the Clouds FM radio station. She released her debut album “Mapenzi Yangu” in 2003.

She won different awards like that of 2004 Tanzania Music awards – Best Female Artist, 2004 Kisima Music Awards – Female Artist from Uganda & Tanzania and 2007 Tanzania Music Awards – Best Female Artist.

She is one among the Tanzanian female musicians who did well to the bongo flava music industry having made different albums including;

  • Mapenzi Yangu (2003)
  • Na Wewe Milele (2004)
  • Sogea Sogea (2006)
  • Touch Me (2008)

5. Mangwair


Mangwair aka Mimi aka Ngwair was a Bongo Hip Hop artist from Tanzania, he met the talented music producer P. Funk Majani and started working with him in 2003 when he released his debut album ‘Ghetto Langu,’ a song that earned him immense popularity in the country.

He won the Kilimanjaro Music Awards as the Best Hip Hop Player of the Year in 2005.

Though he passed away on 28/5/2013 while in South Africa, but he is still in the long served memories of Tanzanian people and his songs are popular to the people’s mind.

His hit songs include;

  • Gheto langu tu
  • Msela
  • Sikiliza
  • Nipe Dili
  • She got a Gwaan
  • CNN
  • Demu wangu

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