Size 8 Reborn Breaks Up With DJ Mo

Size 8 Breaks Up With DJ Mo
Size 8 Breaks Up With DJ Mo

Size 8 Reborn Breaks Up With DJ Mo

Gospel Singer Size 8 has allegedly left her husband DJ Mo and moved out of her matrimonial home.

Private sources reveal that Size 8 left her home last week, together with her two children due to marital conflicts.

Efforts by friends and family to bring back the two together bore no fruits as Size 8 was so furious at her husband.

The couple has also un followed each other on social media pages while size 8 asked her friends to give her time to think about her marriage.

Size 8 Reborn With DJ Mo

Although the duo have been about their business on social media, they continued to post work-related content of their shared businesses but with no emotional outbursts.

The couple has been in the headlines countless times over their marital woes and just two years ago, Size 8 left their home and got a new apartment with her two children.

“I made sure I moved into an expensive place and my house was fully furnished. I used to live a very good life,” she said.

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