SPORTS: Ratiba Ya NBC Premier League | NBC Premier League Fixture 2022/2023 (Time Table)

SPORTS: Ratiba Ya NBC Premier League | NBC Premier League Fixture 2022/2023 (Time Table)

After being in a pose for a while the Tanzanian premier leagues has started again and here we have Ratiba ya NBC Premier leagues for the season 2022 and 2023.

Ratiba NBC Tanzania Premier League 2022/2023 Fixture Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023, Tanzania Premier League Fixture 2022/2023.

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Staring from where we ended, here is from Round three Nbc Premier league to the end. See below the table.

Round 3 NBC Premier League Fixture 2022/2023

September 6, 2022

Geita Gold vs Kagera Sugar (Nyankumbu Stadium, Geita )

Yanga vs Azam ( Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium,Dar Es Salaam )

September 7,2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Ihefu (Manungu Complex, Morogoro )

Simba Sc vs KMC (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

September 9,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Mbeya City (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

September 10,2022

Coastal Union vs Polisi Tanzania (Mkwakwani Stadium, Tanga )

September 11,2022

Singida Big Stars vs Dodoma JIJI ( Liti Stadium, Singida )

Namungo vs Ruvu Shooting ( Majaliwa Stadium, Lindi )

Round 4 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

September 13,2022

Mbeya City vs Azam Fc (Sokoine Stadium Mbeya)

Yanga vs Mtibwa Sugar (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium)

September 14,2022

Geita Gold vs Singida Big Stars (Nyankumbu Stadium,Geita)

Tanzania Prisons vs Simba Sc (Sokoine Stadium,Mbeya  )

September 16,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Polisi Tanzania (Mabatini Stadium )

September 17,2022

KMC vs IHEFU (Uhuru Stadium, Dar Es Salaam )

Namungo   vs Coastal Union ( Majaliwa Stadium ,Lindi )

September 18, 2022

Kagera Sugar vs Dodoma Jiji (CCM Kirumba , Mwanza)

Round 5 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

September 26,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Coastal Union (Mabatini Complex,Pwani )

September 27,2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Namungo (Ushirika Stadium, Moshi Kilimajaro )

KMC vs Mtibwa Sugar ( Uhuru Stadium, Dar Es Salaam )

September 28,2022

Kagera Sugar vs Singida Big Stars ( CCM kirumba Stadium, Mwanza )

Mbeya City vs Simba Sc (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

September 29,2022

Ihefu vs Yanga (Sokoine Stadium,Mbeya )

Dodoma Jiji vs Geita Gold Fc (Jamhuri Stadium, Dodoma )

September 30,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Azam (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

Round 6 NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Fixtures

October 1,2022

Namungo Vs KMC (Majaliwa Stadium, Lindi )

October 2,2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Mbeya City (Manungu , Morogoro )

Simba Sports Club vs Dodoma Jiji (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

October 3,2022

Coastal Union vs Kagera Sugar ( Mkwakwani Stadium, Tanga )

Ruvu Shooting vs Yanga Sc (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

Azam Fc vs Singida Big Stars ( Azam Complex , Dar Es Salaam )

October 4,2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Geita Gold (Ushirika Stadium, Moshi )

Ihefu vs Tanzania Prisons ( Highland Estate )

Round 7 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

October 7,2022

KMC vs Ruvu Shooting (Uhuru Stadium ,Dar es Salaam )

October 8,2022

Mbeya City vs Ihefu (Sokoine Stadium )

Kagera Sugar vs Polisi Tanzania (CCM Kirumba Stadium , Mwanza )

October 9,2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Tanzania Prisons (Manungu Complex )

October 12,2022

Singida Big Stars vs Simba Sc (Liti Stadium, Singida )

Azam Fc vs Dodoma Jiji (Azam Complex, Dar Es Salaam )

October 13,2022

Coastal Union vs Geita Gold Fc (Mkwakwani Stadium , Tanga )

Namungo Fc vs Young Africans (Majaliwa Stadium, Lindi )

Round 8 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

October 14,2022

Mbeya City vs Polisi Tanzania (Sokoine Stadium Mbeya)

October 15,2022

Kagera Sugar vs Ruvu Shooting ( Kaitaba Stadium, Kagera )

October 16,2022

Ihefu vs Dodoma Jiji (Highland Estate,Mbarali  )

October 17,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Coastal Union (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

October 18,2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Singida Big Stars ( Manungu Complex )

October 22,2022

Geita Gold Fc vs Namungo Fc  (Nyankumbu Stadium )

KMC vs Azam Fc (Uhuru Stadium )

October 23,2022

Yanga sc vs Simba  sc (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

Round 9 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

October 24,2022

Mbeya City vs Coastal Union ( Sokoine Stadium )

Singida Big Stars vs Ihefu (Liti Stadium, Singida )

October 25,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Polisi Tanzania (Sokoine Stadium , Mbeya )

Namungo vs Kagera Sugar (Majaliwa Stadium, Lindi )

Dodoma Jiji vs Mtibwa Sugar (Jamhuri Stadium, Dodoma )

October 26,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Geita Gold Fc (Mabatini Complex )

Yanga vs KMC (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

October 27,2022

Azam Fc vs Simba Sc (Azam Complex , Dar Es Salaam )

Round 10 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

October 29,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Namungo (Sokoine Stadium )

Geita Gold Fc vs Yanga (CCM Kirumba Stadium, Mwanza )

October 30,2022

Singida Big Stars vs Coastal Union (Liti Stadium)

Simba Sc vs Mtibwa Sugar (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

October 31,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Mbeya City (Mabatini Complex )

Azam Fc vs Ihefu (Azam Complex )

November 1, 2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Dodoma Jiji (Ushirika Stadium, Moshi )

Kagera Sugar vs KMC (Kaitaba Stadium ,Kagera )

Round 11 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

November 4, 2022

Mbeya City vs Namungo (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

November 5, 2022

Coastal Union vs Dodoma Jiji (Mkwakwani Stadium, Tanga )

November 6, 2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Singida Big Stars (Ushirika Stadium, Kilimanjaro )

November 7, 2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Tanzania Prisons (Mabatini Stadium , Pwani )

November 11, 2022

Geita Gold Fc vs KMC (Nyankumbu Stadium, Geita )

November 12, 2022

Mtibwa Sugar vs Azam Fc (Manungu Complex , Morogoro )

Simba Sc vs Ihefu (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

November 13, 2022

Kagera Sugar vs Yanga (Kaitaba Stadium, Kagera )

Round 12 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

November 15,2022

KMC vs Dodoma Jiji (Uhuru Stadium )

Azam vs Ruvu Shooting (Azam Complex )

November 16,2022

Mtibwa vs Coastal Union (Manungu Complex )

Tanzania Prisons vs Geita Gold Fc (Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya )

Simba Sc vs Namungo (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

November 17,2022

Ihefu vs Polisi Tanzania (Highlands Estate )

Mbeya City vs Kagera Sugar (Sokoine Stadium )

Yanga vs Singida Big Stars (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

Round 13 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

November 19,2022

Mbeya City vs Geita Gold (Sokoine Stadium )

Ruvu Shooting vs Simba Sc (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

November 20,2022

Ihefu vs Coastal Union (Highlands Estate )

Namungo vs Azam Fc (Majaliwa StaDIUM )

November 21,2022

Tanzania Prisons vs Kagera Sugar (Sokoine Stadium )

Mtibwa Sugar vs Polisi Tanzania (Manungu Stadium )

November 22,2022

Singida United vs KMC (Liti Stadium )

Dodoma Jiji vs Yanga (Jamhuri Stadium )

Round 14 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

November 25,2022

Geita vs Ihefu

November 26,2022

Ruvu Shooting vs Singida United (Mabatini Pwani)

Yanga Sc vs Mbeya City (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium )

Dodoma Jiji vs Namungo (Jamhuri Dodoma )

November 27,2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Simba (Sheikh Amri Abeid ,Arusha )

Azam vs Coastal Union (Azam Complex )

November 28,2022

KMC vs Tanzania Prisons (Uhuru Stadium )

Kagera Sugar vs Mtibwa Sugar (Kaitaba Stadium,Bukoba )

Round 15 Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

December 1, 2022

KMC vs Mbeya City (Uhuru Stadium, Dar Es Salaam)

December 2, 2022

Singida Big Stars vs Namungo (Liti Stadium)

Kagera Sugar vs Ihefu (Kaitaba Stadium )

December 3, 2022

Coastal Union vs Simba (Mkwakwani Tanga)

Dodoma Jiji vs Ruvu Shooting (Jamhuri Dodoma)

December 4, 2022

Geita gOLD vs Mtibwa Sugar (nYANKUMBU Stadium)

Yanga vs Prisons  (Benjamin Mkapa Stadium)

December 5, 2022

Polisi Tanzania vs Azam Fc (Ushirika Moshi )

Ratiba NBC Premier League 2022/2023

September 6, 2022
Geita Gold13:00Kagera Sugar
Young Africans16:00Azam
September 7, 2022
Mtibwa Sugar13:00Ihefu
September 9, 2022
Tanzania Prisons13:00Mbeya City
September 10, 2022
Coastal Union13:00Polisi Tanzania
September 11, 2022
Singida Big Stars13:00Dodoma Jiji
Namungo16:00Ruvu Shooting
September 13, 2022
Mbeya City13:00Azam
Young Africans16:00Mtibwa Sugar
September 14, 2022
Geita Gold11:00Singida Big Stars
Tanzania Prisons13:00Simba
September 16, 2022
Ruvu Shooting13:00Polisi Tanzania
September 17, 2022
Namungo16:00Coastal Union
September 18, 2022
Kagera Sugar13:00Dodoma Jiji
September 26, 2022
Ruvu Shooting13:00Coastal Union
September 27, 2022
Polisi Tanzania11:00Namungo
KMC13:00Mtibwa Sugar
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