Another Story Telling song From Harmonize “Mwenyewe”

Another Story Telling song From Harmonize “Mwenyewe”

It is a brand new music song from Tanzanian music crooner titled Mwenyewe. The song is set to impress you when listening, it is song trying to explain about Harmonize life story since he was young, 19994 March 14 when he was born.

He portraying his life story via this song, He started telling his fans that, his story started form Mtwara until he came to Dar Es Salaam looking for better life. He insisting people should never give up for what they believe.

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Raha Jipe mwenyewe are some of the lyric word you can find to this stunning song. You were born alone and at the end you will die alone, Mwenyewe is really an impressive song you do not need to miss.

You can stream to “Harmonize Mwenyewe” below

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