Farouk Kibet Biography, Education, Age, Career, Family and Tribe

Farouk Kibet Biography, Education, Family and Tribe
Farouk Kibet Biography, Education, Family and Tribe

Farouk Kibet Biography, Education, Age, Career, Family and Tribe

Farouk Kibet is the Powerful But Silent Man Who Decides Who To Meet William. He is the man behind all William Ruto’s appointment. He literally controls all the visitors who visits the President.

Farouk Kibet is the man who many politicians allied to William Ruto admire and praise in equal measure for what they describe as ‘diligent’ work. He is said to be the one who handles all appointments to see the Kenya’s president William Ruto.

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Many powerful people in Ruto’s government including the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua must have his permission in order to get to where the president is.

Farouk Kibet

“Ofisi ya Farouk Kibet ni ile ya Rais wetu wa Kenya. Kwa sababu huwezi fikia Rais Farouk akisema No. Ata huyu deputy President, Gachagua rafiki yangu kufikia yeye (Ruto) Farouk lazima aseme yes. Huyu ndiye ako na nguvu na ako chini ya Rais wetu na tunaheshimu yeye”

MP Ndindi Nyoro

Farouk was at one point accused of being rude and ruthless and even going to extent of slapping some leaders who did not heed to his instructions.

Background & Education

Farouk hails from Kapkechui village, Chepsaita, Turbo Constituency on the border of Uasin Gishu and Kakamega counties.

He is the son of Mzee Paul Teigut. His old man was laid to rest on November 15, 2018. He is said to have attended Chepkemel Primary School.

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Details of his secondary school and college education however remain scanty.The Standard, however, notes that he was a regular contributor in the mailbox of the defunct Kenya Times and The Standard newspapers. He is said to have been good friends with print journalists based in Eldoret.

His messages to the media house allegedly bore praise for then regional KANU politicians from the North Rift including Mark Too, Ezekiel Barngetuny, Philemon Chelagat and Reuben Chesire. He was in good terms with the legislators.


Farouk has had most of his years serving in the political corridors, but for most part as a right hand man. He is described by many as an astute, firm and loyal man.

He was nominated to serve at the Wareng County Council as a councilor between 2003 to 1997. “For the record, he served very well as a nominated councilor.

He did nothing wrong, nothing wrong,” Paul Kiprop his former colleague at the County Council is quoted as saying.


From his days as a devout advocate in the Youth for KANU movement in the 1990s, he has always had an active hand in politics, supporting politicians who have made it to the national arena.Currently, he is a trusted friend of the deputy president.

A man that has stood by him through thick and thin. A true definition of honour. His journey to the DP’s corner is a rather interesting one.

Isaac Maiyo, a long-time ally of the DP told the Standard in 2016, that the DP and Farouk were on opposite sides of the 1997 election campaigns in Eldoret North. “In 1997 when the DP was coming into politics, he (Farouk) was against us.

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As a matter of fact, the DP didn’t like him because at some point – and in the rough of politics — he abused us.

He could not come to terms with Ruto as a newcomer.“As on-the-ground political activist, he didn’t care a thing and was shameless. We thought that to have him in the opposing camp would be risky.

We talked to him and he crossed over to our side. He turned out to be a serious supporter of the DP and up to this moment, he has never turned his back on him,” Maiyo was quoted by the publication as saying.

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