10 Girls Diamond Platnumz Has Dated Since Becoming A Music Star 

10 Girls Diamond Platnumz Has Dated Since Becoming A Music Star 

WCB Wasafi boss has apparently met a lot of ladies on the heels of stardom, but here are some ladies Diamond Platnumz has dated since he has been known to the public.

Diamond Platnumz is arguably one of the finest bongo fleva music star to have ever emerged from East Africa in the 21st century. Son to Mama Dangote, shunned the corporate life to pursue a career in music and you already know he is doing great.

Since his advent into East African music industry, the boy has been pushing out back to back hits since the days of “Nenda Kamwambie” to “Yatapita

However, besides making hits, Diamond has his eyes on some other issues, especially beautiful and endowed ladies in the country. The “Chitaki” music crooner is a lady man by all standards.

This post is to brief you about 10 girls Diamond Platnumz has probably dated since he came into the bongo fleva music industry. Surprisingly the girls came from all East African countries, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. See the list below;

1. Sarah

Perhaps this is the basis of the success that Diamond has today in music, Sarah broke Chibu’s heart to the point that he wrote the song ‘Kamwambie’ in 2009 and which carried the title of his first album.

Diamond claimed he witnessed Sarah being taken by a rich man who was working in Mizani, Kibaha, for him new luxury cars were not a problem, so he found himself losing his Sarah just because of money.

2. Wema Sepetu

It no longer news that Chibu Dangote has his eyes on big things. Once upon a time, Diamond Platnumz dated Tanzanian beauty Wema Sepetu who was once crowned as Miss Tanzania.

He become her lover after Mr. Blue, TID, Steve Kanumba and Chazz Baba, who all have enjoyed the sweet parts of the Tanzanian queen and Bongo movie star, Wema.

3. Jokate Mwegelo

She was 2006 Miss Tanzania number two, she has appeared in Diamond Platnumz video Mawazo, according to Wema, when this video is being recorded, that was the time Diamond and Jokate’s relationships starts, leading to their first breakup.

4. Penny

The relationship between Diamond and Penny had a lot of drama, although in the public face seems to love each other, they break up after spreading photos showing Diamond and Wema in Hong Kong, they later claimed it was on making a movie not otherwise.

5. Jackline Wolper

Jackline Wolper came into the limelight when she was rumored to be Diamond’s baby mama. The Tanzanian bongo movie star and her husbund, Richi Mitindo, recently gave birth to a baby boy christened Mitindojr.

6. Irene Uwoya

According to Irene Uwoya’s ex-husband, the late Hamadi Ndikumana, he said it is true that Diamond had a relationship with his wife, while mentioning other stars like Msamii and Jaguar from Kenya.

However, Diamond always insists that he and Irene are like brother and sister, there is nothing!

7. Naj

Their love was very secret and it was only once seen together. Diamond’s brother, Rommy Jones once confirmed that his younger brother was going out with Naj, at the time he was about to release his song ‘Bora Iwe’ which featured Barakah The Prince who was in a relationship with Naj at that time.

8. Zari The Boss Lady

Until now, all Diamond Platnumz relationship has not had as much drama as this, Zari was in a real battle with team Wema and team Hamisa, Diamond left Wema and ended up with Zari who has two children by now, Tiffah and Nillan.

9. Hamisa Mobetto

This love was very secret until Hamisa gave birth to her child with Diamond Platnumz, they broke up after Hamisa allegedly failed to keep the secret when she knew Chibu was with Zari.

10. Tanasha Donna

Besides being a father of two three children now, Diamond is nonetheless an unrepented casanova. A lady by name Tanasha Donna appears in a series of snaps posted by them all in social media.

Later on the relationship continues until they had a blessing by having one children named, Nasseb Junior.

However, Since Diamond broke up with Tanasha Donna at the beginning of 2022, he has never revealed his relationships, however their are some rumors of being dating Zuchu, an artist signed by him under WCB Wasafi.

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