Best Tanzanian TikTok Songs Of The Year 2022

Best Tanzanian TikTok Songs Of The Year 2022

There perhaps no social media app that has a greater influence on music right now than TikTok. You might be surprised on how many times you heard a song while not even know the artist.

TikTok has become a great way to discover new tunes, even if that “new” tune first hit airwaves decades ago. TikTok started out as the lip synching video platform Musically, before it was acquired by a Chinese tech company.

We have rounded up the best Tanzanian TikTok songs out there, from pandemic-friendly jingles to songs you may not even realize had a TikTok takeoff.

“Mapenzi Au Pesa” by Centano

@centanoboy26 #kenyantiktok?? #nigeriantiktok?? #tanzaniantiktok?? #congotiktok?? ♬ original sound – Innocent Omar

Taking number one, Centano is a fast rising Tanzanian artist who is currently trending with his new song on tiktok. TikTok search page is full of people simply appreciating his vocals, with a dance video here and there.

“Huyu Hapa” By Mbosso

@mbossotz #HuyuHapa #HuyuHapaChallenge #Mbosso #KhanFc #KHANEP #TanzaniaTiktok ♬ original sound – Mbosso Khan

Following the release of “Khan EP”, this song was everywhere, TikTok included as 2022 drew to a close, making it one of the top TikTok songs of the year.

“Kwikwi” By Zuchu

@officialzuchu #KWIKWI 2 ND VERSE #KWIKWICHALLENGE ♬ Kwikwi – Zuchu

Zuchur’s smooth voice with wonderful lyrics in this unexpected song That’s just one of the reasons why “Kwikwi” became one of the most popular TikTok songs around.

“Nakupenda” By Jay Melody

@realjaymelody NAKUPENDA ?#nakupendazone ♬ Nakupenda – jaymelody

It is impossible to sit still when you hear this song, as evidenced by the staggering number of TikTok videos that feature it. “Nakupenda” has earned a spot as one of the best TikTok songs.

“Mchumba” By Nandy

@nandytz Hayaaaaa challenge yetu ya kwanza kama mnavo ona mwenye moves better tumamsubiri!!!!! Kwa washindi wetu 1: mil 1 2: laki 5 3: 250k Dance tag we post #mchumbachallenge #mchumbachallenge #mchumbachallenge #mchumbachallenge ♬ Mchumba – Nandy

This sweet love song quickly became TikTokers’ perfect for the year 2022. TikTok videos featuring this song have been viewed hundreds of users.

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