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Download Jay Melody Latest Songs & Albums. Have you been thinking on where you can download, stream and have Jay Melody’s song and add them on your playlist? There we go, and we have his full lists.

However, Jay Melody is a Tanzanian Musician Singer and Songwriter. Many of Jay Melody songs become very popular and trendy online with a great number of streaming and downloads on different music platforms.

Jay was born on 12th June 1997 at Mwananyamala Hospital Dar es salaam Tanzania, the last born from Mr and Mrs Said Juma.

In 2005 and 2011 he attended his primary education at Muhalitani Primary School in Tandale the Slam area in Dar es salaam. Between 2012 and 2015 went to Bunju A secondary school and completed his secondary education.

In 2016 was the first time Jay Melody stepped his foot in the music industry as he was enrolled as a student at Tanzania House of Talent (THT).

After a year of musical learning, Jay Melody was finally signed by Epic Records Tanzania one of the biggest record labels in the country owned by the entertainment Genius Ruge Mutahaba.

Jay Melody released his debut single Goroka which before released Jay Melody wrote another smashing hit Kivuruge which he decided to give it to Nandy which after release it became the multi-national hit.

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See Jay Melody’s Tracklist (Jay Melody Songs) Below;

  1. Jay Melody – Sugar
  2. Jay Melody – Huba Hulu
  3. Jay Melody – Samba Loketo
  4. Jay Melody – Ndonga
  5. Jay Melody – Wenge
  6. Jay Melody – Corona Basi
  7. Jay Melody – Me Gusta
  8. Jay Melody – Haiwezekani
  9. Jay Melody – Boju
  10. Jay Melody – Halafu
  11. Jay Melody – Namwaga Mboga
  12. Jay Melody – Tawire
  13. Jay Melody – Toa Shavu
  14. Jay Melody – Jockin Me
  15. Jay Melody – Nitasema.
  16. Jay Melody – Nakupenda
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