ALBUM: Rayvanny – Flowers III EP

Rayvanny’s Flowers III EP is a music project that was released in 2023. The EP features nine (09) tracks, including:

  1. Forever: This song is a love ballad that expresses Rayvanny’s feelings towards his lover. It features gentle guitar riffs and a soft, romantic melody.
  2. Dance: This track has an upbeat, danceable rhythm and features catchy Swahili lyrics. The song talks about the power of love and how it can make one do crazy things.
  3. Nakupenda: This is a beautiful wedding song that features a mix of Swahili and English lyrics. It’s a sweet ballad that expresses the desire to marry one’s lover.
  4. Mwambieni: This song has a smooth, laid-back vibe and is perfect for a romantic evening. It’s a love song that expresses the importance of cherishing the ones we love.

Overall, Flowers III EP showcases Rayvanny‘s versatility as a musician and songwriter. The project features a mix of different genres and moods, from upbeat dance tracks to romantic ballads.

01. Rayvanny – Forever | Download Mp3

02. Rayvanny – Habibi | Download Mp3

03. Rayvanny Ft Jay Melody – Dance | Download Mp3

04. Rayvanny Ft Bahati – Mtamu | Download Mp3

05. Rayvanny Ft Macvoice – Mwambieni | Download Mp3

06. Rayvanny Ft Phina – Mchepuko | Download Mp3

07. Rayvanny – My Babe | Download Mp3

08. Rayvanny – Nakupenda | Download Mp3

09. Rayvanny – One Day Yes | Download Mp3

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