Harmonize and Ruger Collide in ‘Single Again’ Collaboration

Harmonize and Ruger Collide in ‘Single Again’ Collaboration. The music world is buzzing with excitement as the anticipation for the highly awaited collaboration between Tanzanian sensation Harmonize and Nigerian rising star Ruger continues to build.

Titled “Single Again,” this upcoming musical masterpiece is poised to blend the unique talents and cultural influences of both artists, delivering a track that is bound to leave a lasting impact on the global music scene.


With a string of hit tracks and a charismatic stage presence, Harmonize has solidified his position as one of Africa’s leading Afrobeat artists. His signature sound blends elements of bongo flava, dancehall, and Afrobeat, resulting in an infectious musical journey that resonates with audiences far and wide. Harmonize’s ability to infuse his music with emotion, energy, and cultural identity has earned him a devoted fan base across Africa and beyond.


Hailing from Nigeria, Ruger has quickly become a name to watch in the music industry. His debut single, aptly titled “Ruger,” showcased his unique fusion of Afrobeat, R&B, and rap, instantly grabbing the attention of listeners worldwide.

Ruger’s music effortlessly bridges the gap between traditional Nigerian sounds and contemporary global influences, making him a perfect match for the cross-cultural collaboration in “Single Again.”

See the original song: Harmonize – Single Again Audio

At the heart of this highly anticipated collaboration lies “Single Again,” a song that delves into the universal theme of rediscovery and empowerment after the end of a romantic relationship.

Through their distinct musical lenses, Harmonize and Ruger are set to craft a narrative that resonates with individuals who have experienced the whirlwind of emotions that come with newfound independence.

With evocative lyrics and infectious rhythms, “Single Again” promises to be a song that not only gets heads nodding but hearts resonating.

“Single Again” represents more than just a musical collaboration; it’s a testament to the unifying power of music across borders. Lets all wait for the coming of this brand new soundtrack, the song will be available here on wasafimusic.com soon after the release. Keep in touch!!!

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