Alec Benjamin – Pick Me: You Need a Guy? Honest Song for Connection

American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin has released a new single, “Pick Me,” that perfectly captures the awkward charm and vulnerability often associated with modern dating. The Phoenix, Arizona native is celebrated for his knack for storytelling through music, and this track is no exception.

“Pick Me” finds Benjamin humorously confessing his insecurities and playful exaggerations while vying for someone’s attention. With his signature wit, he sings of little white lies about his height, education, and the classic pickup lines he might try while desperately seeking a connection. It’s a refreshingly honest and relatable approach in a world full of carefully filtered online profiles and curated personas.

The song’s lyrics highlight a universal experience:

  • “Is it lying if I add a couple inches to my height? Say I’m 5’11” when I’m really just 5’9?”
  • “Is it lying if I tell you that I went to USC Even though I didn’t graduate and had a 2.3?”

Behind the humor lies a raw desire to be chosen and accepted for who he genuinely is. Benjamin’s clever songwriting is paired with a catchy melody and simple production, allowing the lyrics and his earnest vocals to truly shine.

The song’s central chorus is a playful plea:

  • “Pick me if you need a guy within a hundred miles Who likes tea, is a Gemini, has family in Ohio Is free this Friday night and just might make you smile”

“Pick Me” humorously navigates the uncertainties of finding love in a digital age. Its vulnerability and charm are a reminder that even amidst the awkwardness, honesty and a sense of humor are always valuable qualities.

Where to Find “Pick Me” Alec Benjamin‘s “Pick Me” is available on all major streaming platforms. You can also find the official music video and ‘Can I Sing For You?’ episodes featuring the song on his Apple Music channel.

Let us know: What do you think of this refreshingly honest take on dating experiences?


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