Nandy Ft. Aslay – Subalkheri Mpenzi Audio: A Love Song with Deep Emotions

The song “Subalkheri Mpenzi” is a love song composed and performed by two famous Tanzanian artists, Aslay and Nandy. The song started circulating on social media in December 2023, and since then, it has become very popular, with over 10 million views on YouTube.

The song begins with Aslay’s voice greeting his beloved in the morning. He asks about her well-being and tells her that his own is good because she is near him. He also inquires about the well-being of her parents and tells her that they respect him very much.

In the second verse, Aslay asks his lover to share her problems with him. He assures her that her problems are not big to him because he loves her dearly. He also tells her that no other woman can take her place.

In the third verse, Aslay expresses his feelings of jealousy when he sees his lover away from him. He feels like his heart is burning with fire, and he feels like he wants to kick his rival. He knows that his lover is with him, but he still feels jealous.


In the end, Aslay returns to his initial request. He tells his lover to tell him about her problems because he loves to listen to her. He also tells her that he will help her solve her problems.

The song “Subalkheri Mpenzi” is a love song with deep emotions. It shows Aslay’s great love for his lover, as well as his feelings of jealousy and concern. The song touches the hearts of many people and has become very popular in Tanzania and other East African countries.

My Thoughts on the Song

I love this song because it expresses the true feelings of love. Aslay sings with great emotion, and you can feel his love for his lover. I also love Nandy’s voice, which adds beauty to the song.

This song reminds me of another Aslay song, “Usiniache”. That song also expresses feelings of love and jealousy. I think Aslay is a talented artist who can sing about true emotions in a way that touches people’s hearts.

I hope Aslay and Nandy will continue to release beautiful songs like “Subalkheri Mpenzi”.

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