C Sir Madini Drops New Hit “Kifungo Huru”

Tanzanian music icon C Sir Madini is back with a captivating new song titled “Kifungo Huru” (Free Prison). This track blends contemporary and traditional sounds, wrapped around lyrics that tell a story of passionate yet challenging love.

In “Kifungo Huru,” C Sir Madini portrays a man deeply in love with a woman who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. Despite the pain he endures, he remains devoted and refuses to give up. The song uses the metaphor of a “free prison” to represent being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, yet choosing to endure it because of the intensity of your own emotions.

The lyrics are skillfully crafted and emotionally charged. C Sir Madini delivers them with his signature powerful and soulful voice, ensuring every line resonates deeply. The song is accompanied by a high-quality music video filmed across various Tanzanian locations.

“Kifungo Huru” is already gaining significant traction online and on radio stations. It’s poised to become one of Tanzania’s biggest hits those years. Listen below;


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