Cardi B – Like What: A Breakdown of the New Freestyle Rap Song

Cardi B, the undisputed queen of rap, is back with a bang, dropping her latest freestyle rap track, “Like What.” The song is a bold and unapologetic declaration of Cardi’s confidence and success, filled with her signature attitude and fierce lyricism. Let’s dive into the details of this hot release that’s set to shake up the rap scene.

Right from the opening lines, Cardi establishes the tone of “Like What.” With the lyrics, “Ayo, let me put some gas in this motherfuckin’ year, bitch,” she wastes no time making it clear that she’s here to dominate and set the bar high. It’s Cardi’s way of putting everyone on notice that she’s ready to take control and make a statement.

The chorus is a catchy anthem that showcases Cardi‘s unapologetic confidence. Describing herself as “Classy and a cunt,” she effortlessly combines elegance with attitude. The reference to “Blocks and money gettin’ spunt” reinforces Cardi’s success and financial prowess, emphasizing that she’s living the high life.

Verse 1: In the first verse, Cardi addresses the inevitable haters and drama that come with fame. With lines like “Bitch, pipe down” and “Moodboard, all y’all imitatin’ my style,” she asserts her influence and originality in the rap game. The verse also touches on themes of jealousy and imitation, showcasing Cardi’s ability to rise above the noise and maintain her authenticity.

Verse 2: Cardi continues her lyrical prowess in the second verse, touching on topics ranging from her appearance to her success. With lines like “Diamonds hit, Stone Cold Steve Austin” and “Just got my lasered pussy smooth like a dolphin,” she combines humor with confidence, showcasing her bold and unfiltered personality. The verse also addresses the envy she faces and dismisses it with a self-assured attitude.

“Like What” is a powerful addition to Cardi B’s discography, showcasing her evolution as an artist and her unyielding confidence. The song’s bold lyrics, infectious chorus, and Cardi’s unmatched delivery make it a standout in the rap genre. As Cardi continues to break barriers and set trends, “Like What” serves as a reminder that she’s not just a rapper – she’s a force to be reckoned with.


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