Dizasta Vina – Uwaridi Jeusi Ft. Baraka The Prince: Mapenzi Mabaya Rap Song

Get ready to be captivated by the latest sonic masterpiece from Tanzanian hip-hop visionary, Dizasta Vina. His new single “Uwaridi Jeusi” “Wanaumia Mapenzi Mabaya” (“Black Rose”) has just dropped, and features the legendary Baraka The Prince. This track promises to be a potent blend of Dizasta Vina’s trademark philosophical rhymes and Baraka The Prince‘s undeniable lyrical prowess.

Who is Dizasta Vina?

Born Edger Vicent Mwaipeta in Mbeya, Tanzania, Dizasta Vina is a force to be reckoned with in the East African rap scene. He’s renowned for his intricate wordplay and the profound themes explored in his verses. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Dizasta Vina’s approach is poetic and introspective, earning him a devoted fanbase who appreciate his depth and authenticity.

A Career on the Rise

Dizasta Vina isn’t just a talented artist; he’s a prolific one. His impressive discography is a testament to his dedication and drive:

  • THE WONDERBOY (2017)
  • Jesusta (2018)
  • The Verteller (2020)
  • FATHER FIGURE (2024)

His music consistently makes waves on Boomplay and other streaming platforms, affirming his status as a major player in Tanzanian music.

Where to Find “Uwaridi Jeusi” and More

Ready to experience the magic of “Uwaridi Jeusi “? Head over to Boomplay to stream and download it right now! While you’re there, explore Dizasta Vina’s rich body of work – you’re sure to find many more gems.

Stay Connected

To stay in the loop about Dizasta Vina’s releases, collaborations, and upcoming projects, be sure to follow him on Boomplay and your favorite social media channels. This is an artist whose journey is far from over, and you won’t want to miss what’s next.


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