Gunna’s New Track “Hakuna Matata” A Song About Success

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Gunna dropped a brand new song titled “hakuna matata” and it’s all about flaunting his success and embracing a worry-free lifestyle.

The song opens with Gunna reflecting on his come-up, rapping about going “from the bottom” to becoming a “millionaire.” He throws in brand name drops and boasts about his model girlfriend who’s financially independent too.

The chorus is where the song’s title takes center stage. Gunna declares he’s living “hakuna matata,” referencing the famous Lion King phrase meaning “no worries.” The lyrics throughout the song emphasize this newfound freedom from stress. He raps about being “up early” and working hard, but there’s a sense of calmness and confidence, unlike his competitors who are “tryna figure out his problems.”

Gunna also uses the song to showcase his luxurious lifestyle. He mentions private charters, expensive clothes shopping sprees, and mentions stashing away his “racks” (money) for the future. There are even references to his faith, suggesting that’s a source of his inner peace.

There are some braggadocious moments too, with Gunna dissing his competition whose “songs floppin'” while he remains “undefeated.”

Overall, “hakuna matata” is a high-energy track that celebrates Gunna’s rise to the top. It’s a catchy anthem filled with braggadocio and a dose of self-assured peace. Listen below;


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