Harmonize and Marioo Drop Another Hit with “Disconnect”

Tanzanian music powerhouses Harmonize and Marioo are back with another banger! Their latest collaboration, titled “Disconnect”, promises to be another chart-topping hit, following the success of their previous joint efforts like “Away” and “Naogopa”.

“Disconnect” is a vibrant and energetic song that blends Afrobeat and pop influences, showcasing the artists’ unique styles and versatility. The infectious beat and catchy lyrics are sure to get listeners moving, while the message of self-empowerment and resilience resonates throughout.

The song’s message is a testament to Harmonize and Marioo’s confidence and self-belief. They address their haters and critics with a message of defiance, refusing to let negativity hold them back. Instead, they choose to focus on their own success and happiness.

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The catchy chorus features the repeated refrain of “disconnect”, serving as a powerful declaration of their intention to disengage from negativity and surround themselves with positivity.

“Disconnect” is a must-listen for fans of Harmonize, Marioo, and Tanzanian music in general. The song’s infectious energy, relatable message, and undeniable talent of the artists involved make it a surefire hit.

Be sure to check out “Disconnect” on all major streaming platforms and add it to your playlist!


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