Iyanii – Nalia: Explores the Depths of Lost Love

Kenyan sensation Iyanii, the rising star behind hits like “Pombe” and “Furaha”, has ventured into the vulnerable realm of heartbreak with his newest single, “Nalia.” This deeply emotional track finds the artist grappling with the pain of a lost love, his voice tinged with the raw ache of a broken heart.

Who is Iyanii?

For those unfamiliar with this captivating artist, Ian Oure – known as Iyanii – is a force to be reckoned with in the Kenyan music scene. Hailing from Nairobi, his music masterfully blends urban Afro-pop with an international flavor, creating a sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. Despite hailing from the challenging neighborhood of Mathare, Iyanii channeled his energy into music, a decision that’s led to his current success.

Iyanii’s Journey

While it took years for Iyanii to break into the limelight, his 2018 single “Bamba Pia” marked a turning point. His star is on the rise, underscored by his recent double nomination at the Pulse Music Video Awards 2021. With this momentum behind him, new releases like “Nalia” are sure to further propel his career.

The Essence of “Nalia”

“Nalia”, which means “cry” in Swahili, explores the depths of sadness after a love turns sour. Iyanii’s raw vocals convey a sense of loss and longing, resonating with anyone who has experienced a broken heart. This shift towards vulnerable, emotional territory marks a compelling new facet of Iyanii’s musical repertoire.

Where to Find Iyanii’s Music

If you’re ready to dive into Iyanii’s growing discography, including the emotionally charged “Nalia”, here’s where to find his music:

  • YouTube: Search for Iyanii’s official channel to find music videos and lyric videos.
  • Boomplay: Stream Iyanii’s songs and discover his albums (Boomplay link: []).
  • Wasafi Music Playlists: Iyanii’s music features in prominent Wasafi playlists, furthering his reach.

Stay Tuned

We’re excited to see where Iyanii’s musical journey leads! With his undeniable talent and a growing fanbase, he’s an artist to keep on your radar. Be sure to follow him on social media, and stay up-to-date on his latest releases.


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