Kuch Dady Drops Remix of Hit Song “Unaitwa Nani” ft. Tannah

Tanzanian music favorite Kuch Dady has released a remix of his popular song “Unaitwa Nani” (Who Are You Called?). This fresh take features the talents of Tanzania’s fast-rising female rapper, Tannah, adding a whole new dimension to the already loved track.

The song explores themes of love and attraction, with Kuch Dady’s lyrics expressing a deep desire for his love interest, resonating with many listeners.

The new remix introduces Tannah‘s voice, bringing a powerful female perspective to the song. She steps in with a confident verse, playfully challenging Kuch Dady’s questions with her own and expressing her own feelings of love. Lines like “Who are you called? What do you do for a living? Why do I desire you? Why have I fallen for you, handsome stranger?” add a layer of intrigue and excitement to the track.

With Kuch Dady and Tannah’s voices blending seamlessly, the “Unaitwa Nani” remix is a catchy and enjoyable song sure to capture the hearts of Tanzanian music fans. It showcases both Kuch Dady’s ability to craft captivating music and Tannah’s potential as a talented rising star.

There’s no doubt the “Unaitwa Nani” remix will continue to attract new fans and solidify Kuch Dady’s position as one of Tanzania’s top artists. The song also provides a platform for Tannah to showcase her talent and kickstart a successful music career.

Here are some places where you can listen to the “Unaitwa Nani” remix:

Be sure to check out the “Unaitwa Nani” remix today and start enjoying this exciting new music from Kuch Dady and Tannah! Stream below;


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