Mbosso – Umechelewa Video: Ulikuwa Wapi Odo Kijiti Vibes! Watch

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has released a brand new video song titled “Umechelewa,” which is a sensual anthem for love lost. The song features Mbosso’s signature smooth vocals and catchy melodies, and the lyrics tell the story of a man who is lamenting the loss of his lover.

The song begins with Mbosso asking his lover where she was when he was going through a difficult time. He sings, “Ulikua wapi wakati nalialia na mapenzi? Ulikua wapi wakati silali nakosa usingizi? Ulikua wapi wakati nashindwa kula chakula? Ulikua wapi mbona umechelewa?”

The chorus of the song is a simple but powerful refrain: “Mbona umechelewa? Mbona umechelewa?” Mbosso‘s vocals are full of emotion as he sings these lines, and the listener can feel the pain and heartbreak that he is experiencing.

The second verse of the song is even more sensual than the first. Mbosso sings about how his lover has taught him new things in bed, and he describes their lovemaking in vivid detail. He sings, “Nilipelekwaputa sikubembelezwa kupewa hadhi, Nikala vya mafuta wakati mi hadhi yangu ya nazi. Kumbe hata kitandani nilipaswa kupandishwa, Hata kula mwiko Yani, mi nilipaswa kulishwa.”

The chorus of the song returns, and Mbosso‘s vocals are even more passionate this time around. He sings, “Mbona umechelewa? Mbona umechelewa? Mbona umechelewa? Mbona umechelewa?”

The song ends with a bridge in which Mbosso sings about how he is still in love with his lover, even though she has left him. He sings, “Odo Odo wangu Ooodo, nikidondoka unibebe oodo Odo odo.”

Umechelewa” is a beautiful and heartbreaking song about love lost. Mbosso‘s vocals are full of emotion, and the lyrics are both sensual and poetic. The song is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the pain of heartbreak.

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