Post Malone & Morgan Wallen Team Up for Breakup Song “I Had Some Help”

Post Malone, the genre-bending artist known for his soulful singing and rapping, joins forces with country music star Morgan Wallen on the brand new breakup anthem, “I Had Some Help.” The song, which dropped today, promises to resonate with anyone who’s ever been in a messy relationship.

The track opens with Post Malone setting the scene. He accuses his ex of playing the innocent victim while placing all the blame on him – “You got a lot of nerve, don’t you, baby? / I only hit the curb ’cause you made me.” He highlights her hypocrisy, pointing out her own wild moments while she portrays him as the crazy one. The lyrics “Why’d you throw them stones if you / Had a wild hair of your own or two?” imply that the trouble wasn’t entirely one-sided.

The chorus is a catchy and defiant statement of shared responsibility. “I had some help,” Post Malone sings, “It ain’t like I can make this kinda mess all by myself.” He calls out his ex for pretending she wasn’t part of the problem – “Don’t act like you ain’t help me pull that bottle off the shelf / Been deep in every weekend if you couldn’t tell.” The “bottle on the shelf” metaphor hints at a pattern of unhealthy behavior within the relationship.

Morgan Wallen takes the reins in the second verse, flipping the script and accusing the woman of playing a game she can’t win anymore. Lines like “You think I’d take the blame for us a-crumblin’ / Go ’round like you ain’t guilty of somethin'” show his frustration at her attempts to rewrite history. He challenges her facade of innocence, reminding her “I ain’t an angel, you ain’t heaven-sent / Can’t wash our hands of this.”

The bridge brings the two artists together in a shared sentiment – “It takes two to break a heart in two,” they sing, acknowledging the mutual responsibility for the relationship’s demise. The final chorus delivers a final, unified “I had some help,” a fitting closure that underscores the song’s central theme.

I Had Some Help” is a breakup anthem with a twist. It’s a refreshingly honest take on the end of a relationship, avoiding the blame game and instead acknowledging the messy truth – sometimes, both parties contribute to the downfall. With its catchy melody and strong vocals from both Post Malone and Morgan Wallen, “I Had Some Help” is sure to be a hit with fans of both genres


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