Ray C’s Old Song “Uko Wapi” Makes As Her Best Song, Listen!

Get ready for a blast from the past! The iconic Tanzanian love song “Uko Wapi” by legendary singer Ray C is here as a throwback song. Originally released in 2003, the song has captivated audiences for years with its heartfelt lyrics that explore the pain of lost love and the yearning to reconnect.

The song opens with Ray C’s melancholic vocals asking her lover “Uko wapi?” (Where are you?). She expresses her search for them, lost and unsure of their whereabouts. Any sign, any update – all she pleads for is a way to soothe her worried soul and know they’re alright.

The second verse paints a picture of Ray C’s longing. Life without her love is a struggle, and dreams offer a fleeting escape where they reunite. The burning desire to see them again fuels her hope for a future reunion.

The unforgettable chorus of “Uko Wapi” repeats the poignant plea: “Uko wapi, nikufuate, Niambie nipajue, Angalau nikuone, Roho yangu nitulie” (Where are you, let me follow you, Tell me so I know, Just to see you, Let my soul find peace). These lyrics perfectly capture Ray C’s desperation to find her love and achieve emotional tranquility.

With over a million views on YouTube, “Uko Wapi” has earned its place as a Tanzanian classic, praised for both Ray C’s beautiful vocals and the deeply moving lyrics. Listen below;

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