Savara Lets Loose and Lives Large in Infectious New Song “Tequila”

Kenyan music artist Savara, known for his work with the band Sauti Sol, is back with a brand new solo album titled “No Overthinking” and a lead single that’s guaranteed to get you moving. “Tequila” is a vibrant celebration of living life to the fullest, splashing money around, and letting loose on the dance floor.

The song opens with a chant that translates to “Give me Tequila, tonight I dance Kizangila,” setting the tone for a night of uninhibited revelry. Savara boasts about his hard-earned success and his intention to spend it freely. He throws out lines like “Baby girl I see that you came with company / Ita waiter shikanisha meza / One kele 2, kele 3, 4 shorts on me / Fine girls come dine with me” showcasing his swagger and confidence.

The chorus is a catchy loop of “Tequila tequila tequila tequila” punctuated by rhythmic chanting and humming. It’s clear that Savara is enjoying himself and inviting everyone to join the party.

Savara delves deeper in the second verse, questioning the motivations of others on the dance floor. “Are you drinking to remember / Are you drinking to forget / Are you already a member or / Are you waiting to attend” He then uses a clever metaphor to describe his all-in approach to partying: “Deep end deep end, nakata maji ka deep end / Defense defense na nikomacho ka defense”

The song circles back to the infectious chorus, ensuring that “Tequila” will be stuck in your head long after the music stops. Stream the full song and the rest of the “No Overthinking” EP here:

Savara looks to be on a winning streak with “Tequila.” It’s a fun, energetic song that captures the spirit of celebration and is sure to be a hit with fans in Kenya and beyond. Stream below;


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