Savara Says “No Overthinking” with Uplifting New Album!

Kenyan singer Savara, a powerhouse vocalist and member of the legendary Afropop group Sauti Sol, is back with a brand new solo album! “No Overthinking” drops today, offering eight tracks overflowing with vibrant energy and a celebration of living in the moment.

This follow-up to his acclaimed 2022 debut “Savage Level” finds Savara in an even more confident and self-assured space. The album draws inspiration from his recent experiences, capturing the joy and wonder of his personal journey.

Spontaneity and embracing the present are at the album’s core. The opening track, “Bossa Vibe,” sets the mood with its lilting melodies and irresistibly sweet lyrics. The energy picks up with “Wewe Ni Fire,” featuring South African duo Murumba Pitch, adding an extra layer of urgency to the track’s infectious groove.

“No Overthinking” is a global affair, featuring collaborations with some of today’s hottest artists. Tanzanian star Harmonize joins Savara on the introspective “Life On The Road,” while the dynamic duo of Myx Quest and Mr Drew bring their A-game to the uplifting “Euphoria.”

The album isn’t all high-octane energy, though. Tracks like “Smile” showcase Savara’s softer side, blending English and Swahili lyrics in a classic Sauti Sol style. The remaining tracks, “Tequila” and “3 Step,” round out the album with a mix of smooth vibes and dance-floor ready beats.

No Overthinking” is a testament to Savara’s artistic growth and his ability to create music that is both personal and universally relatable. With its diverse soundscapes and infectious energy, this album is sure to be a hit with fans of Afropop, soul, and anyone looking for a dose of musical sunshine.

Get ready to move, groove, and leave your worries behind as you dive into Savara’s vibrant new world of “No Overthinking”! Stream full album below;


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