“Siamini” by Matonya: Lyrics, Meaning, and Where to Listen

If you’re a fan of classic Bongo Flava, then “Siamini” by Tanzanian music legend Matonya is a must-listen. This timeless track encapsulates the essence of early 2000s Tanzanian music, with its soulful lyrics, catchy melody, and Matonya’s signature passionate vocals.

The Heartfelt Lyrics of “Siamini”

“Siamini” translates to “I can’t believe it,” and the song’s lyrics reflect the overwhelming joy and disbelief of a man who has found his true love. Here are some highlights:

  • Siamini macho yangu kama leo hii umekuwa wangu (I can’t believe my eyes that today you are mine)
  • Siamini fikra zangu kama wewe utaliwaza maisha yangu (I can’t believe my thoughts if you’ll consider my life)
  • Mamy nyimbo nzuri nakuimbia, nakuahidi mrembo mwingine sitomtafuta tena (Mamy, I sing this beautiful song for you, I promise, beautiful woman, I won’t look for another)

Matonya: The Bongo Flava Icon

Matonya rose to prominence in the Tanzanian music scene in the mid-2000s. He hails from the Tanga region and his 2006 hit single “Vaileti” propelled him to nationwide fame, even earning him the prestigious “Artist of the Year” award.

Where to Find Matonya’s Music

If you want to explore more of Matonya’s music, Boomplay is the place to go! Here’s a list of some of his most popular songs:

  • Vaileti
  • Dunia mapito
  • Anitha
  • Siamini
  • Nisulubishe
  • Kiherehere
  • Mule mule

Keep up with the latest Matonya news and releases on Boomplay.



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