Tyla Unveils the Sultry Secrets of “Water” in Steamy “Vevo Footnotes” Behind-the-Scenes

Tyla‘s “Water” isn’t just a song, it’s a tidal wave of unabashed sultriness that crashed onto the music scene in 2023 and hasn’t looked back. Now, the South African siren dives deep into the making of this chart-topping phenomenon in Vevo’s “Footnotes” series, and let’s just say, the water’s hotter than ever.

If the lyrics had you raising an eyebrow (or two), Tyla isn’t playing coy. She calls “Water” “naughty” with a wink, and the music video backs that claim up in spades. But beyond the surface sizzle, this behind-the-scenes peek reveals a thoughtful creative process bubbling beneath.

Director Child, inspired by the likes of Britney Spears’ “Slave For You,” BeyoncĂ©’s “Baby Boy,” and the sultry photography of Alex Webb, crafted a visual world that perfectly captures the song’s raw sensuality. We see sweat dripping, bodies gyrating, and a confidence that’s as intoxicating as the melody itself.

But “Water” is more than just a feast for the eyes. Tyla speaks candidly about the song’s message, a celebration of female empowerment and reclaiming your own narrative. It’s a refreshing twist on the typical “male gaze” music video, and one that resonates deeply with her fans.

And speaking of fans, “Water” isn’t just a personal victory for Tyla, it’s a historic moment for South African music. After a 55-year drought, Tyla secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100, breaking down barriers and proving that talent knows no borders.

So, dive into the making of “Water” with Tyla and Child. It’s a story of creative vision, female power, and unapologetic heat. And with the video closing in on 100 million views, one thing’s for sure: the water’s only getting warmer.

Ready to soak it all in? Check out the “Vevo Footnotes” video and let “Water” wash over you. Just remember, this ain’t your granny’s pool party.

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