Zuchu Says “Siendi” on Fiery New Amapiano Track “Siji”

Tanzanian songstress Zuchu, signed under the WCB Wasafi label, is back with a brand new amapiano banger titled “Siji” featuring Toss. Produced by S2Kizzy, also known as Zombi, the song is set to heat up dance floors with its infectious rhythm and captivating lyrics.

“Siji” translates to “Am Not Coming” in Swahili, but the meaning takes a backseat to the song’s overall vibe. The track simmers with sensuality as Zuchu expresses her frustration with a lover who only calls late at night.

The opening verse sets the scene:

Saa saba ya usiku ndo unaniita nije kwako (It’s seven in the morning, you’re calling me to come to you) Ila siku nzima siku sijaona simu yako (But all day long I haven’t seen your calls)

Zuchu complains that her love interest only wants her attention at night, despite being unreachable throughout the day. She questions their motives with lines like:

Eti nije tuongee Unafaaa masiala (You say let’s talk, do you think I’m stupid?) Unaniona mi kenge Unaniona mimi (Do you think I’m a fool? Do you think I’m you?)

The chorus explodes with the catchy refrain “Siendi” (Swahili for “I won’t go”), emphasizing Zuchu’s refusal to be played. The repeated “Sijiiiiiii sijiiiiii” adds a layer of defiance and determination.

Tanzanian rapper Toss joins the track with his own sultry verse, delivering smooth lines that complement Zuchu’s fiery spirit. The interplay between their voices adds another dimension to the song’s allure.

The entire song is a captivating blend of Swahili lyrics and amapiano’s signature percussive beat. Whether you understand Swahili or not, “Siji” is guaranteed to get you moving.

Listen to “Siji” on your favorite streaming platform and experience the latest amapiano anthem from Zuchu and Toss!


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