Abdukiba & Yammi in the Studio for “YOU”

Get ready for a love song that will have you swaying and swooning, Tanzania! Powerhouse vocalist Abdukiba and the ever-charming Yammi have teamed up for their latest track, “YOU,” and the recording session was pure magic.

Imagine sun-drenched vibes blending with soulful harmonies, a dash of AfroPop spice, and a whole lot of affection simmering in the air – that’s the essence of “YOU.” We were lucky enough to be granted a peek into the studio, and let me tell you, the energy was electric!

Abdukiba, his voice smooth as silk, poured his heart into each verse, painting a picture of a love so deep it transcends words. Yammi, radiating charisma like a Tanzanian sunshine, added her own unique flavor, her vocals like honey dripping over the melody.

The chemistry between these two artists is undeniable. They bounced ideas off each other, their laughter echoing through the studio, each take infused with a playful intimacy that shines through in the music. The producer, a maestro behind the mixing board, wove their voices together, crafting a soundscape that’s both intimate and infectious.

YOU” is more than just a love song; it’s a celebration of artistic connection, of two talented souls coming together to create something truly special. It’s a testament to the vibrant music scene brewing in Dar es Salaam, a city where passion and creativity collide.

So, mark your calendars, music lovers! “YOU” is set to drop soon, and it promises to be the soundtrack to all your romantic moments. Whether you’re swaying under the baobab trees or lost in the rhythm of a Dar es Salaam night, this song will have you reaching for your loved one’s hand.

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With “YOU,” Abdukiba and Yammi have given us a gift of pure sonic joy. Now, all we have to do is hit play and let the love flow.

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