Adekunle Gold – The Life I Chose (Performance Video)

Nigerian Afropop sensation Adekunle Gold continues to dominate the airwaves with his infectious hit “The Life I Chose.” The song is a vibrant celebration of success, self-belief, and the resilience that fuels his journey.

With its catchy lyrics and Kel P’s signature production, “The Life I Chose” has quickly captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The song’s playful mix of Yoruba and English lyrics paints a vivid picture of newfound prosperity and the joy it brings:

“This is the life I chose / Aye mo wa je mi o wa je ya / This is the life I chose.”

Celebrating the Finer Things

Adekunle Gold revels in the fruits of his labor, boasting about poolside relaxation with Don Perignon and the attention of beautiful women (“All the fine girls won fe gum-body”). Yet, there’s a touch of humility beneath the bravado. He remembers the struggles, referencing his roots (“Sapele water shack pass liquor”) and acknowledging the fickleness of fame (“All of a sudden / Everybody act like they love me”).

The Power of Staying Focused

The heart of “The Life I Chose” lies in its message of perseverance. Adekunle Gold delivers a motivational anthem for go-getters (“Motivation for my man dem all”). He pays homage to divine favor (“Many many blessings otun ti le kan”) but emphasizes that blessings don’t preclude hard work.

Imagining the Performance Video

While there’s no official performance video yet, one can easily imagine the visuals. A vibrant party scene – perhaps poolside – with Adekunle Gold decked out in his signature flamboyant style, surrounded by friends and beautiful women would be in perfect sync with the song’s vibe. The video could include flashbacks to simpler times, visually contrasting his humble beginnings with his current success. This juxtaposition would reinforce that central theme of determination and self-belief.

Follow Adekunle Gold

Fans eagerly await the potential release of a performance video for “The Life I Chose.” Until then, you can catch all the latest from Adekunle Gold on his social media channels:

A Song That Resonates

“The Life I chose” is more than just a catchy tune – it’s a soundtrack for anyone who dares to dream big and work tirelessly towards their goals. The song’s success is a testament to Adekunle Gold‘s artistry and ability to connect with audiences on a personal level.


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