Agala People – We Fala Tu ft. Nay Wa Mitego: Get Ready to Dance

The Tanzanian music scene just got a whole lot hotter with the release of “We Fala Tu” from rising star Agala People, featuring the unstoppable Nay Wa Mitego. This track is a guaranteed banger, ready to take over playlists and dancefloors across the nation.

Who is Agala People?

Agala People is a fresh voice emerging from Dar es Salaam, bringing a unique blend of Afrobeat, Bongo Flava, and a touch of that unmistakable Tanzanian energy. With “We Fala Tu” making waves, this artist is one to watch out for.

The Nay Wa Mitego Magic

Nay Wa Mitego needs no introduction. This hitmaker consistently delivers chart-topping tracks, and his collaboration with Agala People is no exception. His signature style infuses “We Fala Tu” with an instant catchiness that’ll have you singing along before you realize it.

What’s “We Fala Tu” All About?

This song is a celebration of life, resilience, and the joy of simply letting loose on the dancefloor. The lyrics, a mix of Swahili and street slang, paint a picture of overcoming challenges and embracing the moment. Get ready to feel the beat and move to the infectious energy.

Where to Find “We Fala Tu”

“We Fala Tu” is available on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to find it on your favorite service and crank up the volume! You can also check out the official music video on Audimack [] for a vibrant visual experience.

Get Hyped!

Agala People and Nay Wa Mitego have delivered a serious contender for the Tanzanian anthem of the summer. “We Fala Tu” is the perfect track to get your party started, soundtrack your road trip, or simply lift your spirits.


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