AIC Chang’ombe Choir Unveils Inspiring New Single “Kila Ulimi” with Zoravo

Get ready for another soul-stirring anthem from the beloved Tanzanian gospel giants, AIC Chang’ombe Choir! Their newest collaboration with Zoravo, “Kila Ulimi,” is poised to take the gospel music scene by storm.

AIC Chang’ombe Choir has consistently blessed us with chart-topping hits that resonate deeply with listeners. Their gift for creating melodies that uplift and inspire has made them a household name in Tanzania and beyond. “Kila Ulimi” promises to deliver the same potent blend of powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and infectious rhythms we’ve come to love.

Why You Should Be Excited

  • Moving Message: AIC Chang’ombe Choir is renowned for crafting songs that carry profound messages of hope, faith, and praise. “Kila Ulimi” is sure to deliver another impactful and meaningful experience.
  • Dynamic Collaboration: The addition of Zoravo to the track adds an exciting dimension to the sound. Expect a beautiful interplay of voices and styles that will make this song unforgettable.
  • The Boomplay Connection If you’re already a fan of AIC Chang’ombe Choir, Boomplay is your go-to source for their latest releases. Stay updated on all things AIC Chang’ombe Choir, and be among the first to access “Kila Ulimi.”

Where to Find “Kila Ulimi”

Mark your calendars! “Kila Ulimi” will be released on March 2024 and available exclusively on Boomplay. Follow AIC Chang’ombe Choir on Boomplay to get notified when their new single drops.

Spread the Word

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