Alikiba MTV Award-Winner Celebrates 20 Years in Music

Tanzanian musical sensation Ali Kiba, affectionately known as King Kiba, is gearing up for a massive celebration of his 20th anniversary in the music industry. With a trail of hits, collaborations, and numerous awards under his belt, including a prestigious MTV EMA award in 2016, he remains a force to be reckoned with.

Humble Beginnings

Born Ali Saleh Kiba in 1986 in Iringa, Tanzania, Kiba is the eldest son of Saleh Omari and Tombwe Njere. He shares his musical passion with brother Abdu Kiba, who is also a musician. Kiba’s rise to fame began with the release of his groundbreaking album “Cinderella,” which established records for sales across East Africa. Popular hits include timeless tracks like “Mwana,” “Aje,” “Chekecha Cheketua,” “Cinderella,” “Nakshi Mrembo,” “Usiniseme,” “Dushelele,” “Single Boy” (with Lady Jaydee), “Mapenzi Yana Run Dunia,” and “Macmuga.”

Collaborations and Rockstar4000

Beyond solo successes, Kiba joined forces with R. Kelly and other African artists for the One8 project. In 2017, he marked another career milestone by becoming the director of Rockstar4000.

Triumphant Return and Record-Breaking Wins

After a brief hiatus, Kiba’s explosive return featured the singles “Mwana” and “Chekecha.” At the 2015 Tanzania Music Awards, fans witnessed him make history by taking home six awards. His song “Mwana” shattered download records on Mkito.com that same year.

The 2022 Tanzania Music Awards saw Alikiba continue his reign. He set a new Tanzanian record with five wins, including Album of the Year for “Only One King,” Best Male Artist People’s Choice, Best Music Video (“Salute” ft. Rudeboy), Best Melodic Songwriter, and Best East African Artist.

International Acclaim

Kiba’s reach extends beyond Tanzania. His numerous nominations include ‘Best International Act’ at the 2009 Black Entertainment Film, Fashion, Television, and Arts Awards and Best East African Artist at the 2009 African Music Awards.

Endorsements and Accolades

In 2016, AliKiba signed a landmark deal with Sony Music Entertainment, further propelling his global recognition. His endorsement deal with Airtel Africa highlights his impact, as do awards from prestigious organizations like BEFFTA, MTV Europe Music Awards, Nafca, East Africa TV Awards, ASFA Awards, Soundcity Awards, and AFRIMMA.

Ali Kiba’s impressive two-decade journey showcases why he’s considered Tanzanian music royalty.


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