Ariana Grande – End of The World: Am I in the Right Relationship? Listen

Ariana Grande has always been a master of expressing raw emotions and vulnerability through her music, and her brand new song “intro (end of the world)” is no exception. This intimate and reflective track delves into the complexities of relationships and the search for certainty amidst a backdrop of existential musing.

Honest Doubts, Lingering Thoughts

Grande’s signature powerhouse vocals are toned down in this song, giving way to a more introspective and conversational delivery. It opens with a question many of us have asked ourselves about our partners: “How can I tell if I’m in the right relationship?” The lyrics express self-doubt alongside a yearning for the kind of love that feels instinctive: “Aren’t you really supposed to know that shit? Feel it in your bones and own that shit?”

The song then takes an interesting turn as Grande reveals a recent interaction that has been lingering in her mind for weeks. The lyrics suggest a possible spark or connection with someone, leading her to contemplate their perspective: “Wonder if he’s thinking ’bout it too and smiling, Wonder if he knows that that’s been what’s inspiring me.” There’s an almost palpable sense of unspoken longing laced with gentle doubt and even a hint of self-criticism.

Facing the Truth

In the pre-chorus, Grande adopts a stance of unflinching honesty: “I don’t care, I’d rather tell the truth (Truth) Than make it worse for you.” This raw confession sets the stage for the heart of the song.

Seeking Love in the Face of the Unknown

The chorus of “intro (end of the world)” finds Ariana looking at her relationship through a wider lens—a world where the sun might cease to shine and the moon might darken. In this possible apocalyptic scenario, the song probes the depths of her partner’s love. “If it all ended tomorrow, Would I be the one on your mind?” she asks, questioning whether their connection could endure the greatest of uncertainties.

A Haunting and Evocative Release

“intro (end of the world)” is not your typical love song. It offers no easy answers or simple affirmations of everlasting love. Instead, it captures the swirling mix of emotions we often face in relationships – desire, doubt, vulnerability, and an aching need for a love that can stand the test of time. Ariana Grande’s evocative exploration of these themes will resonate with anyone who has ever pondered their own connections amidst life’s inevitable changes.


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