Ayra Starr – Rush: A Song About Hustle & Haters

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr isn’t here for your negativity. In her electrifying anthem “Rush,” she declares her dedication to hard work, self-belief, and enjoying the rewards that come with it, all while shutting down the doubters and envious onlookers.

The song opens with a confident statement: “Sabi girl no dey too like talk,” setting the tone for Ayra’s assertive self-assuredness. She acknowledges the presence of “animals in human form” and “padi man nobody like work,” highlighting the challenges and negativity she faces. But instead of getting bogged down, she throws down the gauntlet: “But you must hustle if you wan chop.” This line is a rallying cry for anyone who’s ever been told they can’t achieve their dreams. Hustle, not hate, is the key to success in Ayra’s world.

The chorus is where the song truly takes off. “E dey rush, e dey rush well, well” becomes the mantra, repeated throughout with infectious energy. It celebrates the flow of abundance, the blessings she believes are divinely ordained. It’s a defiant answer to those who question her success, a declaration that her “tap” is overflowing, not because of hype, but because of hard work and God’s favor.

But “Rush” isn’t just about boasting success. Ayra throws shade at the haters too. Lines like “No come dey form say you too like us” and “Dem wan dey check if my tap e no rush” address the jealousy and scrutiny that often come with achieving fame and fortune. She brushes them off, asserting her focus on her own path and her refusal to be distracted by negativity.

Musically, “Rush” is a whirlwind of Afropop energy. The driving beat, catchy chorus, and Ayra’s confident vocals create a song that’s impossible not to move to. It’s the perfect soundtrack for anyone who needs a boost of motivation or a reminder to chase their dreams, regardless of the naysayers.

If you’re looking for a song that celebrates hustle, self-belief, and the power of positive energy, look no further than Ayra Starr‘s “Rush.” It’s a reminder that hard work pays off, haters gonna hate, and your blessings are always flowing when you stay true to yourself and your grind. So put on your dancing shoes, crank up the volume, and let “Rush” wash over you with its empowering vibes.

What are your thoughts on “Rush”? What other Ayra Starr songs do you enjoy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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