Ayra Starr’s “Commas” Gets an Electrifying Drill Remix with DJ Swergvic

Afropop sensation Ayra Starr‘s empowering hit “Commas” has taken on a whole new life thanks to a thrilling drill remix by the talented DJ Swergvic. This high-octane version of the track is a must-listen for fans of Ayra Starr’s signature style and anyone who loves the adrenaline rush of drill music.

What is Drill?

Before we dive into the mix itself, let’s shed some light on the drill genre. Drill music originated in Chicago’s South Side and quickly spread, evolving into a global phenomenon. It’s known for its dark, gritty soundscapes, often ominous melodies, and lyrics that touch on life in challenging circumstances.

The “Commas (Drill) (Mixed)” Experience

DJ Swergvic expertly transforms the original “Commas” track. The song’s empowering lyrics about self-worth and financial independence remain at the forefront, but now laid over a pulsing drill beat. Hard-hitting drums, eerie synths, and rapid-fire hi-hats replace the original Afropop instrumentation. The result is a dynamic and completely unexpected take on Ayra Starr’s single that showcases her adaptability as an artist.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Fresh Perspective: If you’re already a fan of “Commas”, this mix is a delightful surprise. It takes the song’s message and flips it into a completely different mood and soundscape.
  • Intensity: Drill music is all about power and intensity, and DJ Swergvic infuses this remix with those very elements. It’s a version of “Commas” designed to get your blood pumping.
  • Fusion of Styles: This mix is a fantastic example of how vibrant and exciting cross-genre collaborations can be.

Where to Find the Mix

You can find “Commas (Drill) (Mixed)” on popular streaming and music download platforms including Boomplay. Be prepared to have it on repeat!

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