Badgal Loves O.B.O.! Rihanna Picks Davido’s “Unavailable” as Her Go-To Track

In a recent interview with Complex, Rihanna, the Barbadian singer and businesswoman, praised the songs “Unavailable” by Davido featuring Musa Keys and “Mnike” by Tyler ICU and Tumelo featuring DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha, Ceeka, and Tyron Dee. She said that she has been listening to them on repeat.

“Unavailable” is from Davido’s fourth studio album, “A Better Time,” and has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of “Best African Music.” The Grammy Awards will be held on February 4, 2024, with Trevor Noah as host.

Rihanna’s praise for “Unavailable” is a major endorsement for the song. She is one of the most popular and successful singers in the world, and her opinion is highly respected. “Unavailable” is a catchy and danceable song with a powerful message about love and loss. It is clear that Rihanna has a deep appreciation for the song’s artistry.

Rihanna’s praise for “Mnike” is also significant. The song is a collaboration between two of Africa’s most talented artists, Tyler ICU and Tumelo. It is a celebration of African culture and identity. Rihanna’s praise for the song is a testament to its quality and importance.

Rihanna’s endorsement of these two songs is a major boost for African music. It is a sign that the genre is gaining recognition from the world’s biggest stars. It is also a reminder that African music is diverse and vibrant, with something to offer everyone.

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