Balaa Mc – Shati Langu ft. Kayumba

Tanzanian Bongo Flava star Balaa Mc, known for his infectious Singeli energy, has ignited the music scene once again with his latest release, “Shati Langu.” This highly anticipated collaboration features the dynamic Kayumba, promising a sonic experience that will leave listeners breathless.

Balaa Mc, signed under the renowned 26 Kipaji Label, has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of Singeli. This young and vibrant artist from Dar es Salaam has captured hearts with his unique blend of traditional Tanzanian sounds and modern production. His previous hits, such as “Mzuka,” “Stress,” “Shegua,” and “Utajibu Nini?” have earned him a massive following, consistently trending online with impressive streaming and download numbers across platforms like Wasafi Music.

“Shati Langu” delves into themes familiar to Balaa Mc’s fans, with his signature fast-paced beats and captivating melodies. Kayumba’s contribution elevates the track to new heights, adding a layer of depth and complexity that will resonate with listeners. As Singeli continues to surge across the globe, Balaa Mc remains at the forefront of the movement, pushing boundaries and showcasing the immense talent of Tanzanian artists.

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Balaa Mc’s Popular Hits

  • Mzuka
  • Stress
  • Shegua
  • Utajibu nini?
  • Chura wangu
  • Sawa nitaacha
  • We Nani
  • Nakuja
  • Shegua
  • Sawa
  • Jeje

This is just the beginning for Balaa Mc. Anticipate more groundbreaking music and electrifying performances from the Singeli maestro. Stream the song “Shati Langu” below;


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