Bella Kombo ft. Zoravo Release Live Version of Gospel Hit “Ameniona”

The beloved gospel song “Ameniona” (“He Has Seen Me”), originally composed by renowned Kenyan artist Bella Kombo, has found a special place in the hearts of many. The song, radiating faith and hope in God, now has a vibrant new live version featuring the collaborative talents of Zoravo.

This fresh rendition showcases the beautiful vocals of Bella Kombo and Zoravo, blending seamlessly and breathing new life into the song. It opens with Bella’s soulful voice, expressing how God has seen her through sadness and tears. Zoravo joins in, his voice bolstering hers, as they together affirm their unwavering belief in God.

The song continues with a vibrant chorus singing “Ameniona, Ameniona, Ameniona Yesu” (“He Has Seen Me, Jesus”). This brings a surge of excitement and joy to listeners, expressing gratitude to God for His care and attention.

In the second verse, Bella sings about how she cried morning, noon, and night, unaware that God was listening. Yet, she soon realizes how God has indeed seen her and offered support. Zoravo adds his voice, singing about how God sees everything, regardless of poverty or wealth.

The song’s bridge provides an opportunity for listeners to join in singing praises and glorifying God. The chorus repeats “Ameniona” with emphasis, demonstrating their steadfast faith in God’s ability to help and deliver.

This new live version of “Ameniona” is bound to touch people of all ages, instilling hope and faith during difficult times. The song is a powerful reminder that God cares for us and is always ready to extend His hand.

You can listen to the new version of “Ameniona” on YouTube [] and Boomplay [].


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