Bella Kombo – Ngiyabonga Ft. Takie Ndou & Paul Clement

In the realm of gospel music, there are artists whose voices echo with the divine, transcending barriers and touching the hearts of listeners. One such artist is the talented Kenyan gospel singer, Bella Kombo, whose latest release, “Ngiyabonga,” “Asante” is poised to captivate audiences globally. Teaming up with renowned gospel artists Takie Ndou and Paul Clement, the track is part of the highly anticipated Live Album, “Ameniona.”

Bella Kombo‘s decision to collaborate with Takie Ndou and Paul Clement is a testament to the artist’s commitment to creating music that not only resonates with the soul but also unites listeners in a harmonious celebration of faith. The fusion of their unique vocal styles and unwavering devotion to spreading the gospel message makes “Ngiyabonga” a standout piece in the contemporary gospel music landscape.

Translated as “I Thank You” in Zulu, “Ngiyabonga” is more than just a song – it’s a heartfelt expression of gratitude and praise. The lyrics, backed by soul-stirring melodies, weave a tapestry of thanksgiving, acknowledging the divine blessings that enrich our lives. The collaborative effort of Bella Kombo, Takie Ndou, and Paul Clement breathes life into these lyrics, creating an atmosphere of worship that transcends cultural boundaries.

“Ngiyabonga” serves as a sneak peek into the upcoming Live Album, “Ameniona,” promising an immersive and spiritually enriching musical experience. The album is poised to be a collection of live recordings that capture the essence of Bella Kombo’s soulful performances, showcasing not only her vocal prowess but also the raw energy and passion that characterize her live shows.

The success of “Ngiyabonga” is not just about the powerful vocals; it’s a result of a collaborative effort that extends beyond the artists. The video production, handled by SP Visual, adds a visually captivating layer to the music, enhancing the overall impact of the song. The music arrangement and production by Korg, along with the expert mixing and mastering by Tammi Bimha, contribute to the polished and professional sound that defines Bella Kombo’s work.

For fans eager to stay connected and updated on Bella Kombo’s musical journey, subscribing to her official YouTube channel is a must. The channel promises a treasure trove of official music videos, behind-the-scenes content, and live performances, providing an intimate glimpse into the artist’s creative process.

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As “Ngiyabonga” resonates through speakers and headphones, it is clear that Bella Kombo, along with Takie Ndou and Paul Clement, has crafted a gospel masterpiece that transcends musical boundaries.

The release sets the stage for “Ameniona,” promising an album that will not only inspire but also reaffirm the power of faith through the universal language of music. In a world often filled with noise, “Ngiyabonga” stands as a beacon of spiritual serenity, inviting listeners to join in the chorus of gratitude and praise.


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