Bensoul – Tujengane Ft. Jovial, Ndovu kuu, Fathermoh, Maandy & Nviiri the Storyteller

In the vibrant tapestry of Kenya’s diverse music scene, a new anthem has emerged, resonating with the spirit of unity and collaboration. “Tujengane,” a powerful song featuring the combined talents of Bensoul, Jovial, Ndovu kuu, Fathermoh, Maandy, and Nviiri the Storyteller, is set to take the Kenyan music scene by storm. Crafted under the expert production of AfroNautiq, this collaborative effort brings together some of the most prominent names in the industry to create a musical masterpiece that transcends genres and captivates the hearts of listeners.

The Collaborative Forces:

The brilliance behind “Tujengane” lies in the diversity of the artists involved. Bensoul, Jovial, Ndovu kuu, Fathermoh, Maandy, and Nviiri the Storyteller each bring their unique style and flair to the table. The fusion of their individual talents creates a harmonious blend that captures the essence of Kenyan music, celebrating its rich cultural heritage.

The Collaborators:

  1. Bensoul Mutua Muia: With a soulful voice and a knack for storytelling through music, Benson’s contribution to “Tujengane” adds depth and emotion to the song.
  2. Delvin Savara Mudigi: As a member of the renowned Kenyan band Sauti Sol, Savara’s influence on the track is evident. His musical prowess and innovative approach bring a fresh perspective to the collaborative effort.
  3. Ananias Nviiri Sande: Known as Nviiri the Storyteller, his name is synonymous with captivating narratives and compelling lyrics. His storytelling skills weave seamlessly into the fabric of “Tujengane.”
  4. Moses Otieno Kajwang’: Fathermoh, as he is fondly known, injects energy and charisma into the mix. His dynamic style adds a layer of excitement to the song, making it a true crowd-pleaser.
  5. Christopher Thande Githara: Ndovu kuu, with his distinctive rap style, brings a powerful and rhythmic element to the track. His verses are not only lyrically engaging but also serve as a testament to the diversity within Kenyan music.
  6. Amanda Wambui: Maandy’s vocals provide a feminine touch to the collaboration, enhancing the song’s balance and offering a beautiful contrast to the male voices.
  7. Juliet Miriam Ayub: As one of the creative minds behind “Tujengane,” Juliet’s influence in the collaborative process is invaluable. Her artistic vision contributes to the song’s overall impact.

Production Magic by AfroNautiq:

Behind the scenes, AfroNautiq, the mastermind producer, weaves together the various elements seamlessly, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors the unity and diversity of Kenya itself. The production is a testament to AfroNautiq’s skill in orchestrating a symphony of voices and instruments to produce a harmonious and impactful composition.


“Tujengane” is more than just a song; it is a celebration of Kenyan artistry, diversity, and unity. With each collaborator bringing their unique flavor to the mix, the track promises to be a chart-topper and a source of pride for Kenyan music enthusiasts. As the world listens to the collective voices of Bensoul, Jovial, Ndovu kuu, Fathermoh, Maandy, and Nviiri the Storyteller in “Tujengane,” it becomes evident that the future of Kenyan music is bright and filled with promise.


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