Listen: Best Naso – Mke wa mtu Sumu

Best Nasso who is a Tanzanian singer came out with a new song “Mke wa mtu sumu”, he is known for his contributions to Bongo Flava music. He gained popularity in Tanzania and across East Africa with his unique style and catchy melodies.

Best Nasso has released several successful songs throughout his career, including “Mambo Jambo,” “Ukweli Utamu,” “Mpemba,” and “Nipe Nafasi.” His music often combines elements of Afrobeat, dancehall, and traditional Tanzanian sounds, making him a well-recognized artist in the region.

While musical preferences are subjective, Best Nasso has garnered a substantial fan base and is widely regarded for his talent and contributions to the Tanzanian music industry. Here is his new song.

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