Bony Mwaitege’s New Video ‘Limebaki Jiwe’ Will Uplift Your Soul

Tanzanian gospel singer Bony Mwaitege has released the official music video for his song “Limebaki Jiwe,” a powerful declaration of faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Directed by Director Willy, the video beautifully complements the song’s message of hope and renewal.

Limebaki Jiwe,” which translates to “Only the Stone Remained,” is a celebration of Jesus’ triumph over death. The song opens with Mwaitege acknowledging the immense sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. He emphasizes the power of Jesus’ resurrection, declaring that “Yesu wa Nazareth amefufuka” (Jesus of Nazareth has risen).

The lyrics speak of the empty tomb, a testament to Jesus’ victory over death. Mwaitege sings about how Jesus’ promise to return has been fulfilled, and he is now here “even stronger” to guide and help us.

The music video portrays this message of hope visually. Uplifting scenes of a sunrise and a baptism are intercut with shots of Mwaitege passionately delivering the lyrics. The video also features a diverse cast of people coming together in worship, reflecting the unifying power of faith.

Limebaki Jiwe” is a timely release, coming just before Easter celebrations. The song serves as a powerful reminder of the core tenet of Christianity: Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This beautiful song and video are sure to resonate with fans of Bony Mwaitege and gospel music alike. “Limebaki Jiwe” is a testament to the enduring power of faith and the hope that Jesus’ resurrection brings.


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