Bruce Africa – Lalala ft. Mordecai Dex: A Soulful New Track, Listen!

Get ready for a wave of heartfelt melodies and vibrant rhythms as fast-rising Tanzanian sensation Bruce Africa unveils his latest collaboration with Mordecai Dex, the captivating single “Lalala.” This track is set to further solidify Bruce Africa’s position on the East African music scene.

The Story Behind Bruce Africa

Bruce Africa’s musical journey is a testament to passion and dedication. His love for music ignited during his childhood years, where he found his voice singing in the church choir. At the age of 15, he discovered his true calling – the guitar. Under the guidance of his father, Bruce Africa honed his skills, creating a bond with his instrument that shines through in his music today.

“Lalala”: Love and Devotion

“Lalala” is a beautiful expression of love and commitment. The lyrics speak of a profound connection, with lines like:

  • “wewe ni zawadi yangu my dear, kila utakacho nakufatafutia” (You are my gift my dear, I’ll find everything you desire)
  • “nikidondoka niokote, i will be there for you my love, will you be there for me my love?” (If I fall, pick me up, I will be there for you my love, will you be there for me my love?)

The song’s blend of Swahili and English lyrics promises to resonate with a wide audience, capturing the universal language of love.

Where to Find “Lalala”

Get ready to immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of “Lalala.” Find Bruce Africa‘s latest single on popular streaming platforms like:

The Future for Bruce Africa

“Lalala” is a strong indication that Bruce Africa is an artist to watch. With his undeniable talent and dedication, he is poised to become a leading voice in Tanzanian music and beyond. Make sure to follow his journey on social media for updates on upcoming shows and new releases.


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