Bruce Melodie – When She’s Around (Funga Macho) Ft. Shaggy: I Close My Eyes! Listen

Hold onto your hats, music lovers, because Rwandan sensation Bruce Melodie just cooked up a dancefloor anthem hotter than Kigali in midday! “When She’s Around (Funga Macho)” featuring the one and only Shaggy is an explosion of Afrobeat and reggae vibes, guaranteed to get you moving from the first note to the last drop.

Get ready for a sonic safari through this pulsating track. The lyrics paint a picture of a love that’s equal parts intoxicating and maddening. Bruce pleads with his lady to “take it easy” before things get too hot, but when that Killamanjaro bassline kicks in, all bets are off.

Shaggy brings his signature laid-back charm to the party, reminding us that “she’s the baddest for me.” His smooth vocals blend seamlessly with Bruce’s energetic flow, creating a dynamic duo that wouldn’t look out of place headlining a Coachella main stage.

But “When She’s Around” is more than just a party starter. It’s a celebration of Rwandan culture, weaving Kinyarwanda lyrics like “Icyamukwele Mon Amie” (My beautiful friend) into the mix. This fusion of global sounds is what makes Bruce Melodie such a captivating artist, bridging the gap between continents with his infectious grooves.

The catchy chorus is like a mantra you’ll be humming long after the song ends: “I close my eyes when she’s around, she blow my mind when she’s around, nafunga macho when she’s around.” Get ready to hear this echoing through nightclubs and beach parties worldwide, because “Funga Macho” is the new summer anthem.

So crank up the volume, let loose, and lose yourself in the rhythm of “When She’s Around.” Bruce Melodie and Shaggy have just served up a musical cocktail that’s equal parts spicy and sweet, and it’s guaranteed to leave you with a buzz that lasts long after the last beat drops. Don’t miss out on this global banger – get your groove on with “When She’s Around”!

Now go forth and:

  • Dance like nobody’s watching (because with this song, they probably won’t be able to)
  • Share this infectious track with your friends and get the party started
  • Follow Bruce Melodie and Shaggy on social media for more musical magic
  • And most importantly, Funga Macho!
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