Celestine Donkor – Only You: A Gospel Testimony of Triumph and Praise

Ghanaian gospel powerhouse Celestine Donkor has gifted us with a soul-stirring new song, “Only You,” a testament to resilience, faith, and unwavering gratitude. This track, woven with personal narrative and infectious praise chants, takes listeners on a journey through hardship and into the warm embrace of divine intervention.

A Story of Trials and Triumph:

“Only You” unfolds with a poignant verse revealing a time of despair and isolation. Donkor sings, “Me wor adansidie bi” (I have a story), instantly connecting with listeners who have walked similar paths of struggle. Phrases like “Na me nhu se nea” (I thought) paint a vivid picture of doubt and vulnerability, resonating deeply with those seeking solace.

Then, the chorus explodes in a vibrant eruption of praise. “Akpe na wo” (Thank you) echoes repeatedly, culminating in the powerful declaration, “Lord I owe it all to you, Only you.” This infectious and uplifting hook is sure to resonate with hearts yearning for inspiration and a reminder of God’s unwavering grace.

From Darkness to Light:

Verse 2 delves deeper, unveiling moments of abandoned friendships and a suffocating sense of lost hope. But amidst the darkness, a lifeline emerges: “Oyonkopa ne me Nyankopong” (You oh Lord are my faithful friend). This pivotal line underscores Donkor’s unwavering faith, even when surrounded by human disappointment.

Sharing the Testimony:

The song concludes with newfound strength and a resolute promise to share her story with the world. The spirit chant, a rhythmic mantra of “You’ve done it before, You will do it again,” offers comfort and hope to listeners facing their own battles.

Beyond the Music:

“Only You” transcends the realm of mere entertainment. It offers a powerful message of resilience, reminding us that even in the darkest moments, faith and gratitude can be our guiding lights. The song also shines a spotlight on the vibrant world of Ghanaian gospel music, offering audiences a glimpse into its unique melodies and powerful messages.

Join the Conversation:

Have you heard “Only You”? What resonates with you most in this song? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and let’s celebrate the power of music to uplift and inspire us all. Stream below;


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