D Voice New Song: A Fresh Breeze in Tanzanian Music

The music industry is constantly evolving, welcoming new talents that redefine the soundscape with their unique tunes and captivating melodies. One such rising star is D Voice, the newly signed artist under the prestigious WCB Wasafi label, who has set the music scene ablaze with his debut album titled “Swahili Kid.”

The Tanzanian-born artist has been making waves with his distinct style and impressive vocal prowess. His latest album, “Swahili Kid,” serves as a testament to his musical prowess and marks his official entry into the world of music.

Exploring the Tracks

D Voice’s album is a harmonious blend of soulful tunes, catchy rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with listeners. Among the standout tracks on his album are:

1. Umenifunza

This track captures the essence of love and gratitude, delivering a melodious ode to the lessons learned from relationships.

2. Mtamu

With its infectious beats and captivating melody, “Mtamu” is a song that lingers on the senses, inviting listeners to groove along.

3. BamBam” ft. Zuchu

Teaming up with the talented Zuchu, “BamBam” is a collaboration that brings out the best of both artists, creating a vibrant and energetic track.

4. Mpeni Taarifa” ft. Mbosso

Featuring the incredible Mbosso, this track combines their individual strengths, resulting in a melodious symphony that captivates from start to finish.

5. Chori Chori

“Chori Chori” is a testament to D Voice’s versatility, showcasing his ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly.

6. Nimezama” ft. Zuchu

The collaboration between D Voice and Zuchu once again delivers a soulful and emotive track that resonates deeply.

7. Turudiane” ft. Lava Lava

A rhythmic and lively collaboration with Lava Lava, “Turudiane” infuses a fresh vibe into the album.

8. Lolo

“Lolo” is a catchy and upbeat tune that is bound to get listeners dancing to its infectious rhythm.

9. Kama Wengine” ft. Diamond Platnumz

Joining forces with the legendary Diamond Platnumz, D Voice showcases his prowess in this track, creating a musical masterpiece.

10. Mungu Baba

Closing the album on a high note, “Mungu Baba” is a powerful and uplifting track that leaves a lasting impression.


D Voice’s debut album, “Swahili Kid,” is a testament to his artistry and dedication to his craft. Each track on the album offers a glimpse into his musical journey, displaying versatility, emotion, and a deep connection with his Swahili roots.

As D Voice continues to carve his path in the music industry, his album stands as a testament to his promising future and solidifies his position as a rising star in the world of music. With his exceptional talent and a promising debut, D Voice is undoubtedly an artist to watch out for in the vibrant African music scene.

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