Darassa – No Time ft. Jux: For This Or For That? Listen!

Tanzanian superstar Darassa is back with another fiery track, this time teaming up with the smooth vocals of Jux for a powerful collaboration titled “No Time.” This song marks a bold new step in Darassa’s already impressive career.

From Humble Beginnings to Tanzanian Icon

Darassa, born Sharif Thabit (also known as Thabeet Ramadhan), has risen from his roots in Tanzania to become a dominant force in the East African music scene. Despite dropping out of school to pursue music, Darassa’s passion and dedication have propelled him to incredible heights. His hits explode across social media, racking up millions of streams and downloads on Wasafi Music.

Darassa’s Journey: Learning, Growing, and Dominating

After bursting onto the scene in 2014 with “Sikati Tamaa,” a collaboration with Ben Pol, Darassa took a strategic break in 2015. He dedicated himself to mastering his craft and developing a unique sound. His return in 2016 with “Utanipenda” (featuring Rich Mavoko) and the iconic “Muziki” (featuring Ben Pol) launched him onto an unstoppable trajectory.

Ever since, Darassa has delivered hit after hit. Collaborations with African stars like Jux, Marioo, and Nameless added fuel to his fire. Anthems like “Too Much” and “Relax” keep the energy high, and his own Classic Music Group (CMG) Management marks his growth as both an artist and entrepreneur.

“No Time”: A Message of Self-Belief

The new release “No Time” sends a clear message: Darassa refuses to be swayed by negativity or doubt. In a world full of critics, he focuses on his journey and his relentless work ethic. Jux’s smooth vocals perfectly complement Darassa’s energy, creating a track that’s both catchy and inspiring.

Where to Find Darassa’s Music (and “No Time”)

Keep up with everything Darassa by following Wasafi Music. Not only can you stream “No Time,” but you’ll find a treasure trove of his hits, including:

  • Proud Of You
  • Waiter
  • Umeniroga
  • Loyalty
  • Usiniletee shida
  • Love Is Free
  • Utantoa Roho
  • Nikiondoka
  • And many more!

Get Ready to Feel Empowered

With “No Time,” Darassa has given us another dose of the infectious energy and drive that have made him an icon. If you’re ready to brush off the naysayers and focus on your own goals, this is the song for you. Listen and enjoy below;


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