Davido Enters the Tech Industry with New Social Platform “Chatter”

Davido, the celebrated Nigerian musician, has expanded his horizons by venturing into the technology industry. He is launching a new social media platform called “Chatter” that will feature an invite-only approach for content creators to participate in voice and video communication and discussions.

Chatter us is expected to launch at the end of February 2024, aiming to provide a unique experience for users. The platform offers an opportunity for content creators to connect and collaborate in new and engaging ways.

Key Features of Chatter:

  • Invite-Only: Users will be invited to join the platform based on the content they create and their influence within the community.
  • Voice and Video Communication: Users can communicate and collaborate through live voice and video calls.
  • Topic-Based Discussions: Chatter will facilitate in-depth discussions about various topics relevant to the community.
  • Unique Experience: The platform focuses on providing a distinct user experience filled with compelling content and genuine engagement.

Chatter Set to Bring Competition:

The launch of Chatter is anticipated to introduce significant competition for existing social media platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. This new platform offers unique features that could attract a large user base, specifically targeted towards content creators.

Impact on the Technology Industry:

Davido‘s entry into the tech industry marks a significant step. It demonstrates how celebrities can utilize their influence to promote innovation and disruption across various sectors. The launch of Chatter may inspire other prominent figures to invest in technology and facilitate positive change in society.


Davido’s new social media platform, Chatter, is predicted to revolutionize the way people communicate and collaborate online. With its unique features and aim to provide a superior user experience, Chatter has the potential to become a popular social network in the future.


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