Daz Nundaz – Maji ya Shingo

Bongo Flava fans, it’s time to get excited! Daz Nundaz, the legendary Tanzanian hip-hop group, has re-emerged with a hit that’s sure to stir up the scene – “Maji ya Shingo.” If you’re a fan of classic Bongo Flava, this is a release you won’t want to miss.

Who is Daz Nundaz?

Daz Nundaz burst onto the Tanzanian music scene in the early 1990s. The group, originally consisting of Ferooz, Daz Baba, Critic, La Rumba, and Sajo, quickly established themselves as pioneers of the Bongo Flava genre. Their unique blend of hip-hop, Swahili lyrics, and traditional Tanzanian rhythms captivated audiences, and their songs became instant classics.

Daz Nundaz’s Legacy

Daz Nundaz released a string of chart-topping hits throughout their career, including:

  • “Kamanda”
  • “Barua”
  • “Matatizo”
  • “Nitafanya Nini”
  • “Shuka Rhymes”
  • “Nizoee”

Their music became synonymous with the Tanzanian youth culture of the era, and their influence on Bongo Flava’s development is undeniable.

Resurgence in Popularity

Despite a period of relative quiet, Daz Nundaz is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Their songs continue to gain traction online, reminding us of the timeless appeal of their music. The recent inclusion of their hits in Wasafi Music playlists has given Daz Nundaz a new lease on life, introducing their music to a whole new generation of Bongo Flava lovers.

“Maji ya Shingo”: A Blast from the Past

And now, with “Maji ya Shingo,” Daz Nundaz is proving that they haven’t lost their touch. While the release date is something you may want to clarify, the song is sure to transport listeners back to the golden age of Bongo Flava, delivering those nostalgic vibes along with the group’s signature sound.

Where to Find Daz Nundaz

If you’re eager to relive the glory days of Bongo Flava or discover Daz Nundaz for the first time, be sure to head over to Wasafi Music. Find their greatest hits and stream their new single “Maji ya Shingo” – and don’t forget to follow them for the latest updates on these Bongo Flava icons.


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