Diamond Platnumz – Far Away ft. Vanessa Mdee: Gusagusa Afropop Obsession, Listen!

Tanzanian superstars Diamond Platnumz and Vanessa Mdee have taken Bongo Flava to new heights with their captivating collaboration, “Far Away.” The song, a highlight of Diamond Platnumz’s album “A Boy from Tandale,” has quickly become a fan favorite across East Africa.

A Blend of Sizzling Melodies and Catchy Lyrics

“Far Away” is a sizzling Afropop track that embodies the best of Tanzanian music. From the opening line “Sijui nikaanzie kwa acapella (Oh yeah!)” the song lures listeners in with its infectious energy. Diamond Platnumz delivers smooth vocals that intertwine perfectly with Vanessa Mdee’s sultry melodies, creating an unforgettable soundscape.

The song’s lyrics are a playful mix of Swahili and English, expressing the overwhelming feeling of love. The chorus encapsulates the song’s message:

“She dey take my heart away So far away Far away”

A Dancefloor Anthem

The dynamic beat of “Far Away”, coupled with Diamond Platnumz’s signature dance-inducing rhythms, makes it the perfect dancefloor anthem. The music encourages listeners to submit to the track’s energy, with the bridge urging:

“The way she back her whine Like Eeeh yeah! Eeeh yeah! Go gaga”

East African Success Story

“Far Away” is yet another testament to the enduring power of collaborations between Tanzanian artists. Diamond Platnumz and Vanessa Mdee have created a synergy that resonates with music lovers across the continent and beyond. The song’s success is a testament to the exciting evolution of Bongo Flava, a genre that continues to captivate music lovers worldwide.

Get Ready to be Swept “Far Away”

If you’re looking for a song that combines captivating vocals, infectious beats, and relatable lyrics about love and longing, Diamond Platnumz and Vanessa Mdee’s “Far Away” is a must-listen. Let the music take you on a journey and prepare to be swept away by the rhythm, melody, and heartfelt message of this Tanzanian hit.


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